Erika Farias

"My 4 year old and I are both students at Master Kim’s. My daughter has gained confidence and assertiveness, and they work with her as an individual rather than as a number in a class of kids. As a mom who works full time, I have found something new that I love to do! I’ve also been getting back in shape and losing weight in addition to developing an awesome new hobby that has taught me focus and given me new confidence. We both look forward to going to class!"

Ryce Massey

"I have been attending Master Kim's dojang since the end of January, and it has been AWESOME. Everyone has been so nice and full of energy. You can tell that every member of staff is there to encourage each student to reach their maximum potential. No bad experiences, and I highly doubt there will be any in the future. Another plus is that I have finally seen some of the weight that I have been trying to lose come off. Five stars and two thumbs up for Master Kim's World Class Tae Kwon Do!!!"

Meilaneh Joy Farmer

"My daughter has been going to Master Kim for around 8 months.  In these 8 months she has shown  improvement in her focus not only in Tae Kwon Do but also at school.  I could go on and on for how great my daughter has improved but she isn't the only one I noticed.  The way Master Kim is with all kids is why I would recommend him too everyone.  I have seen kids who when they just start could barely keep still.  Within a month or two,  the change in them is remarkable.  Master Kim always encourages them but when he needs to be stern he is able to help them see their errors.  He makes it a point to talk too the parents, whether it's a hi or just a little more. You can truly see he is there for his students and that's what matters.  Definitely a place to bring your kids!"